Monday, March 27, 2006

Random The Captain Fact #1

The Captain is able to speak Japanese--while standing on his head!

Sunday, March 26, 2006


The Captain says, "Don't take money from strangers, because they only want your kidneys."

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Captain Encounters Holden and Atticus

Oh, a little less than two years ago or so, The Captain first met the two wild beasts known as Holden and Atticus. These were particularly ferocious animals, and many had hitherto fled from their presence. But not The Captain. Oh, no. Not The Captain.

The Captain had at this point taken up residence in the fair city of Naperville, in the land of Illinois (pronounced Ill-i-nwah). He and I were much like the swinging bachelors we are today, only more so. But then came the beasts.

They arrived together in a nylon bag (which has since been torn to shreds), and they were as crazy as a beaten mongoose. When the bag was opened, the only discernable trace of animals were periodic blurs, as they ran hither and thither, as wild beasts are wont to do. The Captain calmly waited for them to settle down a bit, biding his time. Lo and behold! the animals did indeed calm down slightly, and they cautiously crept up to The Captain, and they smelt him. The Captain glanced keenly at them, and a friendship was instantly struck.

Holden and Atticus had been welcomed into the domain of The Captain.

Do you have any questions for The Captain? Do you wonder what he does with his winters, or perhaps where he bides his time when he's not summering in the East Andes? If so, ask away!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What or Where?

What would you like to see The Captain do, or where would you like to see The Captain go?

(he's looking for some ideas)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Captain in Charleston and Atlanta

In one of his very last tours with the Notre Dame Glee Club, The Captain got to experience some of America's finest southern hospitality. The trip down South for The Captain was spent whiling away the hours, dreaming of Mrs. The Captains and days gone by.

While in Atlanta, The Captain was briefly held hostage by a soon-to-be sailor by the name of Derek. It was touch and go for a while, but it all worked out alright in the end. Thank the heavens.

Also in Atlanta, The Captain can be seen posing with Garrett and Derek. Notice that Garrett always has his eyes closed in any picture taken of him. The Captain definitely thinks that's weird.

Finally, in Charleston, The Captain went to a wonderful bar with the NDGC and lamented the fact that he only had a limited time left with that esteemed group. Alas! How time does slip away.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Captain's ND Gamewatch at...ND

After a long and arduous journey back to America, The Captain once more took up residence at Notre Dame. There was much rejoicing and merriment on the campus by the students, priests, professors, and squirrels. Actually, if you want to know the truth, everyone was so happy that the University decided to give everyone a week-long holiday right in the middle of the semester. They drank so much that they fell down, or went home. Oftentimes, as a result of these falls (or of going home), these students and friends of Notre Dame would break something. It was forever after named "Fall Break."

Shortly after this "Fall Break," the Notre Dame football team decided to further celebrate The Captain's return to the continent by holding "games," much like the Greek and Romans did when they wanted to celebrate something. The rules were a little unclear (and often still are), but The Captain was nonetheless impressed. He and I decided to view one of these "games" with some friends at the on-campus bar, Legends, and great fun was had by all. At one point, The Captain had actually drunk his height in Corona three times over. Amazing. Whenever the Notre Dame team would scoring, The Captain would do push-ups in the air, mirroring the tradition of the Notre Dame student body. Oh, the number of push-ups he did on that fateful day! After the game, which, backed by the encouragement of The Captain, Notre Dame won handily, the coach called The Captain to congratulate him once again on his great return from Australia. You should have been there--The Captain played it so cool. Nothing phases him. Sometimes I have dreams where I'm The Captain and he's me and I get all the chicks and admirers and free stuff and The Captain blogs about me and tries not to cry himself to sleep. But I always wake up.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back in Black (or,

Happily, The Captain has returned from his long and arduous journey through the evil BestBuyLand. He is now once again able to regale us all with tales of his odd and strangely interesting adventures!

First, he must catch up on a tag sent from Danielle. You should all listen very carefully, for some of information divulged here has never before been made public...

4 jobs i've had (time at job)
Longshoreman (approx. 3 years); Shady Drifter (4 years, off and on); First Mate (14 years); The Captain (indeterminate)

4 movies i'd watch over and over
Hook; Cast Away; Pirates of the Caribbean; Zoolander

4 places i have lived (time at locale)
Spokane, Washington (3 years); Drifting aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean (5 years total); Drifting aimlessly in the Atlantic Ocean (2 years total); Guam (12 years)

4 tv shows i love
Lost; The A Team; 24; Charles in Charge

4 places i've been on vacation
Turkmenistan; Southeastern Nepal; Bali; the Ivory Coast

4 favorite foods
Ramen noodles; Salmon; Green olives; Sauerkraut

4 websites i visit daily
Vandelay Industries;;;

4 bloggers who are now tagged!
YOU! (if you want to)

More The Captain updates soon!!!